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      The New Year is Around the Corner!

      The New Year, 2017, is around the corner and with it we all expect new things. One important thing to remember as we usher in the New Year is to do so with a new look. Great choice and application of makeup can speak volumes about the kind of person that you are. With the role that makeup plays in enhancing image, you should ensure that you have and use the best makeup kits for your face, eyes, lips and nails! Celebrating the New Year with a New Look There are many reasons why you should use makeup to achieve a new look in the coming year. Quality makeup, when applied properly, can have great benefits. It Makes You Presentable Makeup, just like dresses, can boost the beauty of any woman. In this way, a woman who wears makeup ends up feeling more confident about her face and her appearance. The 2nd Love Brow Styler Mascara is designed to help you achieve this look.   It Tells That You Care About Yourself It has been said that one of the reasons why men are attracted to women who wear makeup is because it shows that such women care about themselves. In addition, it is often an indication that the individual is happy and full of good cheer. As such, the habit of taking care of ourselves matters just as much as beauty does. Use the 2nd Love Mineral Blusher Stick and spread the happy cheer all around you. It Makes Your Date Feel Special When going on a date, you can use makeup to make your date feel special. This happens even in weddings, where the bride’s makeup is given a lot of emphasis and prominence. Makeup enhances your look when taking photographs. Both men and women can enhance their appearance for the special person in their lives. It Highlights Your Facial Features Depending on the techniques and colors used, makeup can highlight your facial features. Seeking the help of a makeup artist will see you bringing out the best in you. Concentrate on highlighting the features that would not otherwise be defined in the absence of makeup. The 2nd Love Prismatic Color Eyeliner would be a great product if you want to clearly define your eyes.   It Makes a Statement Just like a picture, makeup can tell a lot about the type of person that you are, your views as well as your tastes. Indeed, makeup can help in projecting a positive image. By using the Professional Face Palette and Vitamin Skin Brightening Face & Neck Mask, you will be on your way to making a bold statement.   As the New Year approaches, we're here to help you achieve the perfect New Year's look, to start 2017 off the right way! 

      2016 Holiday Makeup Gift Ideas

      It’s the most wonderful time of the year again! Indeed, the most festive season is almost here again. Yes, can you believe that Christmas is just around the corner? How time flies! The jolly and merry atmosphere is already everywhere. In perspective, it is also the time of the year that we pull out our Christmas List and start shopping for our loved ones, because as we all know Christmas is also the season of giving. While the idea of Gift-giving can be very exciting, it can also be stress inducing because let’s face it most, of the time we won’t know if the person will love the gifts they will be receiving from us. Furthermore, while the idea of shopping personally and finding the perfect gifts can be exhilarating it is also time consuming and surely, not all have the luxury of time in this fast paced world. So, we’ve decided to lessen your stress and give you a hand by rounding up the awesome Christmas gift ideas for the Make-up geek besties and beauty junkies in your life who will surely thank you for these perfect gifts. For your wanderlust friend who loves to go out and see the world, never let her be unprepared in facing the world with our Make up purse set. This is Beauty Treat's Glam and Sparkle Makeup Purse Set featuring a variety of tools to create a full glamorous look on the go. For your pals who are make-up enthusiasts, help them achieve their goals by giving them the right tools like this 130 professional palette. These highly pigmented shades of shimmery and matte colors offer an endless combination of looks to achieve. For your besties who have the knack for everything sparkly, our 88 Glitter palette is just the perfect gift to encourage creativity. The special edition glitter palette has a wide array of creamy glitters in warm and cool tones. For your confidants who like to keep it classy, make life easier for her to transition from day to night make up without going over the top with this 88 professional warm eyeshadow. Create a neutral everyday look, or create smoky eyes with darker colors. These shades are highly pigmented and can be applied wet for a deep, long lasting effect. With such a large variety of colors, this palette is suited for women of all ages and backgrounds. Last but not least, for those who use make up as a profession give them something that they’ll be sure to reach in their bag for every day. The professional blush contour palette has a combination of 20 face powders that they’ll be sure to appreciate! Have a delightful shopping season and Happy Holidays!

      2nd Love Halloween Makeup

      Halloween is a make-up lover's Christmas--the perfect opportunity to show off your creativity and artistry by creating the perfect look to complement your costume. And whether your costume is sexy or spooky, choosing the right make-up products is key in taking your ensemble to the next level. For a long-lasting and high-impact style, try incorporating the following products into your Halloween night look.

      Dramatic False Eyelashes ($3.00): Whether you're dressing up as a prim princess of a ravishing witch, bold eyes with sensational lashes can provide the perfect finishing touch for your overall costume. These eyelashes are ready-to-wear and come pre-trimmed, pre-feathers and pre-glued to help streamline your Halloween night make-up routine.

      Velvet Gloss ($4.99): This ultra long-wear matte lip gloss has the staying power of a lip stain, allowing it to last through multiple apple bobbing sessions. The six bold color options including coral, fuchsia and hot pink are sure to provide maximum impact for your Halloween look.

      Glitzy Glam Glitter Palette ($4.99): If ever there were a time to go over-the-top with sparkles and glitter, Halloween is it! Each palette comes with five creamy glitters perfect to highlight your eyes, your cheeks or anywhere else that your look demands some shimmer and shine. Fairies, mermaids and butterflies alike are sure to find the perfect shade among the four available color combinations.

      Professional Face Palette ($24.99): No matter how silly or spooky your costume is, radiant skin is always the perfect foundation for any look. This palette comes with 12 shades of soft silken pressed powder, designed to provide every skin tone with a flawless finish. Going as a sleek cat or a scary supermodel? Try using the palette's lightest and darkest shades to contour and highlight for extra drama.

      Gel Mania Nail Color ($3.99): Finally, nail polish is the ideal way to complete any look. Gel Mania polish provides the glossiness and long-wear of a gel without the need to set with a UV or LED light. This nail color is available in six vibrant and bold colors that are sure to stand out as you grab some candy from the bowl on Halloween night. With these products in your make-up arsenal, you're certain to create a knock-out look with maximum impact this Halloween.

      Learn how @diemberly uses 2nd Love products to create this glowing look!

      Hello my loves! First of all, I would like to apologize for hyping this post on my social media platforms and not following through due to technical difficulties. I have a strong love-hate relationship with the digital world, and unfortunately, this blog depends on it. For that reason, I made sure this post was worth waiting for by putting my whole heart into it. I hope this post helps you in deciding whether or not you would like to give 2nd Love Cosmetics a try! View Her Full Blog

      Summer 2016 Beauty Trends

      Summer is all about fun, adventure and living large. When it comes to staying beautiful and trendy, think bold and bright! This summer is already shaping up to be one for the record books, so to help you stay on top of all the latest upcoming beauty styles, here is a list of must-haves for Summer 2016 Beauty Trends to keep you up to date on the latest beauty trends! Eyes: With color trends leaning towards brights and neons, a Bright Eyes Wallet is the best way to keep your essentials as fashionable as the rest of your look. The wallet can hold 18 eye shadows, 2 blushes, 2 glitters, 1 eye shadow applicator and 1 blush applicator, everything you need to look your best on the go.

      When it comes to your eyes, you need sharp definition this summer! Eye Crayons are the perfect way to keep things bold. With its creamy formula and 6 different colors to choose from, these eye crayons will only help make intense colors pop.

      There are always so many tools that can help your look, but this summer, don’t skip the Max Effect Mascara that will dramatize and volumize your eyelashes. The attention that your bolder decisions will bring to your eyes is best used with killer lashes!


      The face and cheeks require a different touch. While bright is in, you hardly want an orange complexion. Help the sun do its natural work with a Baked Glow N’ Bronzer, it will highlight that sun touched color that you work so hard to get!

      Lips: When choosing the look for your lips, look into the Ultra Shimmery 3d Lip Gloss. With so many pronounced colors out there, your lips can get away with even more definition and pop.

      Nails: Nail colors are trying to outshine summer blooms this season. Look into bright neons for colors that make powerful statements and express you fully with the Bright Neons Nail Polish set. These vivid colors will make your fun last all summer long!

      Makeup Kit: Lastly, you need to consider the right kit to tie it all together. You’ll have a lot of focus on your eyes, so finish the look with a Perfect Eyebrow Powder Kit! Four different shades can be combined any way you need to match and flourish your summer look. You can take your summer by storm when you consider the complete package. Remember to keep things bold, bright and creative to stay on top of the trends. Above all else, don’t forget to personalize your look and express your creative side!